Madonna Booed In Bucharest


Posted on : 27-08-2009 | By : CelebGossip | In : Madonna
Madonna's Sticky and Sweet Tour

Madonna's Sticky and Sweet Tour

Madonna is at it again! She is always one to throw herself head first into political and social controversy and 2009 is no exception. Madonna, who is currently on tour in Eastern Europe, was booed while on stage in Romania.

The reactions came after Madonna made comments supporting the Roma (or Gypsie) people. In Eastern Europe the Roma people are highly discriminated against. Their music and culture have influenced the local area and become widely accepted, but they are still the subjects of cruel discrimination.

Madonna’s tour, Sticky and Sweet, included dancers of the ethnicity, whose presence was initially accepted warmly by the crowd. Later in the show Madonna commented on the discrimination felt by the group in an attempt to raise awareness. It backfired. The crowd erupted into boos. Madonna continued to talk about acceptance and equality of all discriminated groups, but the crowd was not having it. It didn’t phase the legendary pop star and she continued on with the show.

Should pop stars just keep their mouth shut or did she do the right thing in taking a stand. While I defintely agree with her in this instance, usually I just want her to keep her mouth shut. (well… she can sing … but only for so long).

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