Chris Brown Interviewed by Larry King


Posted on : 03-09-2009 | By : CelebGossip | In : Chris Brown, Rhianna

Chris Brown & Larry KingChris Brown was interviewed for the first time since his altercation with Rhianna earlier this year by Larry King Wednesday night. Excuse us for being so blunt, but we’re bored with the whole situation and want to move on. The interview seemed to be a ploy to salvage what is left of Brown’s career. Frankly, we’re done with it all. The story is sad in many respects. Brown’s abuse of pop singer Rhianna was unacceptable and has shed light on the plight of millions of domestic abuse victims.  Chris Brown has mentioned recently that he grew up in an abusive home. Although this is not an excuse, it has opened many eyes to the seriousness of abuse in the home.

The interview was surprisingly boring. Chris Brown expressed sorrow and regret for how the events played out and refused to speak about the details of the night in respect for Rhianna and himself. A weird comment, but hardly anything surprising.

Rhianna has started to move on with her life. On the night of Brown’s sentencing, Rhianna was seen out partying the night away. Brown claims that they ended their relationship as friends and will always remain so. The court issued restraining order prohibits Brown from coming withing 100 yards of the singer. Brown is now reportedly heading to Virgina where he will serve his community labor hours. Make sure to wave if you see on the side of the highway picking up trash.

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