Did Kate Gosselin Steal Her Husband’s Wedding Ring?


Posted on : 08-09-2009 | By : CelebGossip | In : Jon Gosselin, Kate Gosselin
Image: ABC

Image: ABC

Well, as much as I hate reporting about these two, they are at it again. Apparently now Jon Gosselin is accusing Kate of stealing his wedding band. He said one day he put it down and it disappeared. He claims she is the only one that could have taken it.

This is an unfortunate story. The couple, who starred in a TLC reality show about their 8 kids (6 of which are sextuplets), have been throwing punches at each other through the media for the last few months. We wish that they would step out of the media and figure their problems out on there own. We can wish, but I am sure we’ll see more from these two in the future.

For more dirt check out his interview tonight on ABC’s Primetime.

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