Hugh Jackman’s Cell Phone Crackdown


Posted on : 29-09-2009 | By : CelebGossip | In : Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman takes theatre etiquette very seriously. During a tense portion of a preview performance of “A Steady Rain” (in which he co-stars with actor Daniel Craig), a cell phone started ringing. Jackman, who remained in character, told the audience member to pick up the phone.  Apparently the audience member was terrified of being recognized and decided to just let the phone continue ringing. The audience came to Jackman’s defense and clapped in support. Finally the actor sarcastically said “Don’t be embarrassed … pick up the phone.” Amateur video of the has been of the infamous phone ringing. Take a look … and remember to turn your phones off next time you take a trip to the theatre.


That is pretty funny. Whoever didn’t turn off their phone has got to feel like a retard