Whitney Houston Debuts at #1


Posted on : 10-09-2009 | By : CelebGossip | In : Oprah, Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston & Oprah

Whitney Houston & Oprah

For the first time since the late 80’s Whitney Houston is on the top of the Billboard album charts. The comeback seems to be on track. The new album, “I Look To You”, sold 305,000 copies in its first week – a respectable number. The question remains if sales will remain steady. The album has yet to score a top 40 hit and has received limited radio play. In order to see continued sales among the general public, Houston will need to see more chart and radio success. The album is actually pretty good.

Houston may see a big sales boosts when her interview with Oprah airs next week. It is being heralded as one of the best interviews in the history of the show.  Oprah has said that she feels that the interview is one of the most powerful of her career. Houston will also perform on the show. We’ll see if she can redeem herself after the hoarse voice fiasco during Good Morning America last week.

Remember … Crack is whack. Ya … She’ll never live that one down.

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