Whitney Houston on Good Morning America


Posted on : 01-09-2009 | By : CelebGossip | In : Whitney Houston

Whitney HoustonWhitney Houston is scheduled to perform a free concert in central park this afternoon which will air on Good Morning America tomorrow morning. Houston, who is in the midst of mounting a major comeback, has just released her new album “I Look To You” to generally positive reviews. Her last album, “Just Whitney”, was released over 5 years ago and tanked completely. The new album has been years in the making and appears to have some potential.

The songs are a good balance of Old Whitney and New Whitney. Her voice, which is considered one of the most powerful in popular music, has seen some wear throughout the years. Although she clearly lacks some of the range and power of her early days, the resulting sound makes her more emotive and relatable. Her life performance tomorrow morning on Good Morning America will be a major test for Houston. Time will tell if the diva is back for good.

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