David Letterman Extortion Drama


Posted on : 06-10-2009 | By : CelebGossip | In : David Letterman

David LettermanI’m sure by now you have all heard about the David Letterman drama. The late night comedy host came clean to the public late last week about former sexual relationships that occurred with staff on the Late Show in the past, because of an attempted extortion attempt by a former employee of the network. Letterman was told if he didn’t cough up two million dollars his past would be exposed. Instead of going with the scheme, Letterman came clean on his own terms. He came out bluntly and even spun it in typical Letterman style.

Last night Letterman apologized again on his show to his wife for the pain he had caused her. He and his wife have a five-year-old son.

Although we think Letterman did the right thing by coming clean, he won’t get off clean for his actions. He seems to be trying to brush over the situation with his typical humor. It is working to a certain degree.

What he did was wrong, but it is best that he deals with it behind close doors.

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