Kate Plus 8


Posted on : 01-10-2009 | By : CelebGossip | In : Jon Gosselin, Kate Gosselin
Jon had this sign posted. Photo - TMZ

Jon had this sign posted. Photo - TMZ

The drama never ends with these two. TLC has announced that the famed reality series featuring Jon & Kate Gosselin and their eight children will be renamed Kate Plus 8 – sans Jon – next season. Jon isn’t too happy about this to say the least. Just last week he was fine with the idea of doing another season. Now that he is out of the picture he has decided that this would be detrimental for the family and has ordered that all production should stop. He went as far as to post a sign on the outside of the residence warning all production crews that they would be trespassing if they came onto the property.

The whole situation is weird. First of all I think the idea of taping a reality show amongst these conditions was ridiculous to begin with. Now that Jon isn’t involved, he is against it. Someone needs to stop and think about the kids for a few minutes. Any hopes of a normal childhood are quickly fading. This may be the definition of a nasty divorce.

If I want some healthy family drama I’ll stick with the Kardashians.


What a joke!! Maybe Jon can take the season off and learn how to spell the word “penalty”

I totally agree! Jon is pathetic. Did you know he’s working as a designer for Ed Hardy. Yeah. He’ll be designing baby clothes. What makes him the least bit qualified for that?