Robert Pattinson Walks Out of Interview With Ryan Seacrest


Posted on : 19-11-2009 | By : CelebGossip | In : Robert Pattinson, Ryan Seacrest

twilight_new_moon_poster_0509Twilight: New Moon mania is in full swing. It seems like it is all you ever hear about recently. Well with the media blitz there is bound to be a little drama. Rob Pattinson sat down with Ryan Seacrest for a night-time interview about the new movie. Ryan quickly asked about him and his co-star Kristin Stewart. Apparently this was a big no-no. Pattinson’s publicist quickly pulled him out of the interview just as soon as it had started. Pattinson was obviously a little torn, but got up and left. The question wasn’t even heated at all. We’re thinking this publicist needs a serious talking-to. Granted they are trying to keep the mystery behind the two at peak levels, but was this really necessary? You decide:

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