Celebrities Without Makeup


Posted on : 25-02-2010 | By : CelebGossip | In : Oprah

We often envy celebrities and their perfect looks. We go to the gym, get surgery and fork out tons of cash trying to imitate their beauty, and after all that effort we still cant match up.

This lead me to wonder how much of it is their natural beauty and how much is makeup, lighting and photo shop. It puts things in a new perspective to see these celebrities without makeup on.

I don’t mean to hate on these women, in fact I respect many of them. Its just nice to know that they have an unfair advantage, so don’t beat yourselves up too much ladies.

celebrity no makeupceleb

no makeup kelly-clarkson kelly clarkson

celebrity without makeup 1 Maria Shriver

oprah without makeup


marilyn-manson-no makeup

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