Hilary Duff Engagment Ring


Posted on : 23-02-2010 | By : CelebGossip | In : Uncategorized

Hilary was spotted with a new ring when she landed from her trip to Hawaii. Duff has been dating the hockey hottie, Mike Comrie, for over 2 years.

She accepted his proposal this week while vacationing in Maui. Recently she has been seen with a simple band on but, was seen leaving Katsuya restaurant last night in Los Angeles with a big rock on the most important finger. To make things more confusing she was seen with yet another ring on.

So which one is it? Maybe he got her all three.

In all the pictures I have found she looks really happy, good for her, and good for Mike I knew someone could tame lil Lizzie.

The “real one”?
hilary duff ring
the “promise ring”?
hilary duff ring 2

The “real one #2”?
hilary duff ring 3


First and Third look the same to me?