NBC airs Shaun White’s Coach Cussing


Posted on : 18-02-2010 | By : CelebGossip | In : Shaun White

shaun whiteLast night Shaun White’s 1st run in the snowboarding half-pipe competition won him the gold.  Since he had already secured the gold he didn’t have to worry about the score on his 2nd and final run.  

NBC was listening in on White and his coach, Bud Keene discuss his plans for his final victory run. They where showing the conversation live and
NBC aired his Coach Cussing.

Keene: What do you want to do?
White: I don’t know, man. Ride down the middle?
Keene: No, have some fun.
White: Drop a double mick?
Keene: Yeah, drop a double mick at the end. Do whatever you want and [expletive] send that thing.
Make sure you stomp the [expletive] out of that thing.

NBC cut out and apologized saying, that a lot of energy was running through them at this big moment. The question that many people have been asking is, who should be apologizing Bud Keene or NBC?


That is ridiculous and kind of embarrassing. Of all the places to get caught saying that word, it is the worst that he said it on TV globally.

Who gives a (expletive)? If anyone should apologize, it should be NBC for listening in on a private conversation.