Ali Fedotowsky the New Bachelorette


Posted on : 02-03-2010 | By : CelebGossip | In : Uncategorized

Last night was full of surprises on one of my favorite shows, The Bachelor. First off everyone was shocked by Jake’s pick of Vienna over Tenley.

the bacheloretteMost of America has fallen in love with Tenley and her charm. This in comparison with all the scandal around Vienna and her past, made the choice a jaw dropper.

To follow this up Ali Fedotowsky was named as the new bachelorette for the sixth season. Ali was one of a few left on The Bachelor when she decided to leave the show for a job with Facebook.

Jake’s and Ali’s relationship was quite a roller-coaster while she was on the show, going back in forth between being in love and not, then leaving and wanting to come back. Last night after Jake’s proposal, America was shocked again when Ali Fedotowsky was named as the new bachelorette.

Hopefully she has everything worked out with her job while she sorts through a new stack of reality TV hunks. Even though I don’t understand, good luck Jake and Vienna, good luck Tenley and good luck Ali!


Isnt she a doll. I wonder if she left knowing that she would have the opportunity to be the bachlorette in the future?