Tap Duel


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This week I want to dedicate a post to something truly worthwhile. Celebrities scandalous and not, often donate their time and resources to charities around the world. Here is a great cause that celebrities and less glamorous people like us can get involved in to change the world.

In 2007 UNICEF started its widely successful Tap campaign. During World Water Week March 21-27 people were asked to donate a dollar for the tap water that they usually got for free in restaurants.

This year they have launched a new phase of the campaign, Tap Duel. This is a social media approach through Facebook, in which you can challenge a friend and see who is the most charitable. All of the money that is raised goes towards helping children in the most impoverished countries get clean and more importantly safe drinking water.

Over 900 million people worldwide lack safe drinking water, nearly half of which are children, poor drinking water is the #2 killer of children worldwide. $1 can provide clean drinking water to a child for 40 days. Go to tapduel.com and duel a friend, see who really has the bigger heart and save some children while your at it.

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