Retrial for Suzanne Tamim Murder Case


Posted on : 30-04-2010 | By : CelebGossip | In : Uncategorized

Suzanne Tamim was a popular Lebanese pop singer who became famous after her appearance in an American idol type competition. She was considered to be very beautiful, but she had a very difficult private life. Eventually she was murdered in Dubai in 2008.

Originally Hisham Tallat Moustafa, an elite and politician, was sentence to death for paying a policeman two million dollars to kill his ex-girlfriend, Suzanne Tamim. However, a recent discovery of a technicality has caused the case to go back to court.

Many people were surprised with the first conviction of Moustafa because the elite can usually get away with what they want. Moustafa still stands by his statement that he is innocent of the murder.


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