The Question is….Who Will Be the Next Riddler??


Posted on : 27-04-2010 | By : CelebGossip | In : Uncategorized

As a big Batman fan, I have been anxiously waiting for the next Batman movie and have been excited to see who will play the main villian in the movie, the Riddler. Early reports were swirling around saying that Johnny Depp would be the next riddler. Nothing was certain, but Johnny did muse on the thought of becoming Batman’s next archnemesis.

Then something bizarre came entirely out of left field. According to an online newspaper, it was said that Batman director Christopher Nolan had signed a different actor up for the role……..Eddie Murphy.

Eddie Murphy? You mean the guy that played the Nutty Professor? I couldn’t believe my ears? Where on God’s green earth would they get the idea to have Eddie Murphy play the Riddler? Personally, I’m opposed to the idea, but nothing is set in stone yet. There haven’t been other credible sources to verify this so nothing can be solidified. Maybe I’m just being pessimistic, though. I mean, who ever thought Jack Black could play a serious role in the blockbuster King Kong. At first, it was weird to think about, but he actually played the part very well and added his style to the movie. So maybe Eddie Murphy would be good, but for now let’s keep our ears peeled for any juicy tidbits!

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