Alicia Keys Pregnant?


Posted on : 27-05-2010 | By : CelebGossip | In : Uncategorized

Typing fingers are flying in the blogosphere concerning the R&B superstar Alicia Keys and her alleged pregnancy. Many say that her boyfriend is Swizz Beats and that they will be having the baby.

Many point to pictures of the star for evidence of a protruded belly, but is this enough to put the stamp of approval on this rumor? It’s up to you to decide.


what would Alicia see in swizz beats.

i would rather see her marry trey songz.

god bless u alicia on with ur new baby u and swizz beats look great together tell the haters its too hot to sweat us

Love is blind thats why

And God have mercy on you bc after what you did you will need it LOL!!!!

Everyone is ALWAYS so quick to throw judgement around. She sees someone who treats her well and with respect. No one knows the truth about what went on in that mans marriage but him, his wife and God. No one knows how or when him and Alicia got together but him and Alicia. Everyone just speculates. The fact is, she is pregnant and he is divorced. Just wish them blessings with the baby and the upcoming marriage and stop hating!

it is wrong to get involved with a married man. there is not excuse……..period.