2010 MTV Movie Awards Highlights


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The MTV movie awards we know are not as stuffy and professional as other award shows. They always have some fun with it, this year the MTV Movie Awards did not disappoint.

Yes, Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart better have worn comfortable shoes because they had to walk up to stage about every other award, proving that good acting is not the first priority for these teen fanatic voters. The Twilight stars took home Best Kiss, Best Male and Best Female Actor and of course Best Picture of 2010.

Tom Cruise MTV Movie Awards Apart from the overly exposed Twilight series, the side splitting skits that MTV put on last night made the speeches pale in comparison. Tom Cruise appeared in his fat suit as Les Grossman from the popular movie Tropic Thunder and was said to be the producer of the awards this year. He rocked the balding head and fat gut, sported his hilarious potty mouth and got down on the dance floor with Jennifer Lopez. His performance seemed to really get him back in the good books of the public. People forgot about him on Oprah’s couch from 2005, appearing to have gone off the deep end a little bit and enjoyed that he could not take himself that seriously and give an awesome live, sometimes impromptu performance.

After the show Tom told PEOPLE “It was a lot of fun — it was a blast! You know, I can dance a bit, and we rehearsed. And my wife’s a dancer, so I like dancing! [Katie] loved it.”

There were more highlights of this years Awards show including Sandra Bullock winning the Generation Award as an iconic actress. She not only asked people to Pray for people affected by the oil spill in the gulf, and told people to go back to making fun of her but gave Scarlett Johansen a steamy on stage kiss. Maybe after this lip locking voters would re-think who should have won Best Kiss.

Among other winners were Zach Galifiankis from The Hangover for Best Comedic Performance, Tom Felton as Malfoy from Harry Potter as Best Villain and Anna Kendrick starring in Up in the Air as Best Breakout Star.

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