Lady Gaga Expresses Rage at Security Guards


Posted on : 03-06-2010 | By : CelebGossip | In : Uncategorized

Last night Lady Gag became outraged and reprimanded the security guards at her concert in Britain. Upon hearing that her fans who were dressing up like her were not being allowed into the stadium, she demanded that the guards relax their standards.

The concert was taking place at the MEN Arena in Manchester, England. The primary fans who were being hindered from entering the arena had soda cans pinned into their hair.

This was a reference to the time that Lady Gaga made a public appearance with Coca Cola cans entwined into her hair. However, the security guards followed her orders and let her “Little Monsters” into the stadium.

This was the second time fans had been hindered from entering an arena for wearing Lady Gaga like clothing. At one of Lady Gaga’s recent concerts at the O2 Arena in London glow sticks, flags, homemade banners, and fingerless gloves were all confiscated.


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