Lindsay Lohan’s Shoes Worth More than a Used Car


Posted on : 30-06-2010 | By : CelebGossip | In : Lindsay Lohan

For months Lindsay Lohan shopped at an LA shoe boutique racking up a bill of over $17,000 worth of shoes. She apparently told the shop that her business manager would pay for it as she continued to rack up her bill from November 2009 through February 2010. Wow, that is a lot of money in about four months of time. Now there is a lawsuit regarding this manner because the business manager only ended up paying $180 of the total.

Who buys this many shoes? Who wears this many shoes? Or else, they must have been really pricey shoes to have been able to get a bill this high. It’s not like she was buying a car, or paying rent; she was simply buying shoes. Fame and money really get to people. I could not even fathom spending this much money, but maybe as a celebrity, money must just come easier.

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It really makes you appreciate the celebrities that use their money to serve others and help the needy instead of those that spend thousands of dollars on selfish objects that they will only use once in their life. I think that all celebrities should be required to do a monthly service project. Maybe that would make the world a little better :)

kind of makes me sick. She probably could have put shoes on all the shoeless little kids out there with 17k. trouble after trouble with this red head.

This little broad just cant stay out of trouble can she. Great comment from Living with disease I really admire much more those celebrities who use there resources to help others, like angelina