SCRAM Reports on Lohan


Posted on : 09-06-2010 | By : CelebGossip | In : gossip

Lindsey Lohan’s alcohol monitor was set off Sunday night after an awards ceremony. She denies the fact that she was drinking on Sunday night and states that the bracelet gave off a false alarm. However, her attorney says that the bracelet indicates that she was drinking a small amount on Sunday night.

David Perez posted bail of $200,000 for her to keep her out of jail after the judge doubled the amount of bail Lindsey had to pay. Every time the SCRAM bracelet reports she has been drinking the same thing will happen.

Alcohol is very expensive for Lindsay to drink. If she breaks any of the other terms of her probation, she will be put in jail for a year.

Even though she denies that she was drinking on Sunday night, it will not do her any good to fight the sentence because it will probably cost her more in legal fees.


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