The Bachelor: What Side Will You Take in the Break Up?


Posted on : 26-07-2010 | By : CelebGossip | In : gossip

Has the girl we all loved to hate in the last season of The Bachelor, Vienna Girardi, given us a reason to feel sorry for her? After watching the intense interview that was given between her and ex-Jake Pavelka during The Bachelorette, you can’t help but hand out the sympathy.

Before this whole scandal we all thought that Jake had picked the wrong girl. Now Vienna has let us know that there will never be the right girl for him.

After the on camera lash out we see from Jake, there is no denying that he did not treat Vienna the way he should have. So decide for yourself, did Vienna Girardi really cheat on Jake Pavelka OR is that just his cover-up for all his wrong doings in their relationship?

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