‘Sesame Street’ Teaches Girls to Love their Hair


Posted on : 21-10-2010 | By : CelebGossip | In : Sesame Street

In a new episode of Sesame Street, a brown muppet sings about her love for her hair. This muppet is teaching young African American girls to love their hair just the way it is.

The video has already received nearly a quarter of a million hits on You Tube. The growing popularity and meaningful message of this video, has caused many people to pass it on to their loved ones. For many parents, it is the perfect teaching tool to help their daughters realize just how beautiful their hair is.

This viral video shows the muppet wearing different hairstyles and sings about how she loves her hair and does not need to go to a beauty salon. The brown muppet sings, “I really really love my hair” acting as a self-awareness video for young girls.

The song was inspired by the head writer for Sesame Street, Joey Mazzarino. He and his wife adopted a little girl from Ethiopia, Segi. As Segi got older, he noticed how she would start to say negative things about her hair. Playing with Barbie’s straight, long, blond hair made Segi want to straighten her own hair so she could look more like Barbie.

Mazzarino wanted to teach his daughter that she is beautiful just the way she is and doesn’t need to change anything about her. Being the head writer for Sesame Street, he had the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Watch the video here:

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