Miley Cyrus in Hot Water Again With Bong Footage


Posted on : 10-12-2010 | By : CelebGossip | In : gossip, Miley Cyrus

After a year filled with scandal, singer/actress Miley Cyrus doesn’t seem to be worried about setting her image back on the right track. Video footage was recently released of the recent 18-year old smoking the powerful herb salvia out of bong with a group of friends. While the natural drug is still considered to be legal, it produces a five-minute long extremely powerful high, which causes severe hallucinations. It has become increasingly popular with the high school and college crowd, as it offers no hangover, and no long term damage has been discovered thus far. It is popular to film yourself on a “salvia trip,” as they are called, and posting the video on

Government officials, as well as the food and drug administration are becoming increasingly concerned about the extensive use of this drug, as it renders the smokers completely mentally and physically incapacitated. This could be potentially deadly for others if the user chose try attempt to drive, swim, or more. It may not be long before it become illegal, if officials are able to pass a law.

The footage of Cyrus was allegedly stolen from a friend’s camera and posted. It shows her babbling incoherently, hallucinating that her ex-boyfriend is in the room, and pointing to her head saying, “is it me tripping?” over and over again. Yes, Miley, it is you tripping.

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