Dr. Phil Sued by Former Best Friend


Posted on : 04-02-2011 | By : CelebGossip | In : Dr. Phil, gossip

Television personality and talk show host Dr. Phil is being sued by his former best friend. The friend is claiming that she suffered substantial damages when she was viciously attacked by Dr. Phil’s dog. The woman, Janet Harris, claims that the negligence of the owners resulted in the attack. Apparently, the dog bite caused uncontrollable bleeding from deep puncture wounds, as well as cuts and abrasions inflicted on her arm and hand.

Harris’s lawyers claim that “the McGraws allegedly refused to provide compensation or assistance to Janet to aid with her illness, instead leaving her to deal with mounting health problems and financial burdens alone.” Her lawyer claims that “as a result of the injuries sustained, she was unable to maintain her livelihood, culminating in the loss of her business and indefinite inability to earn a living practicing her trade.

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