Lohan Deciding on Jail Time or Trial


Posted on : 10-03-2011 | By : CelebGossip | In : gossip, Lindsay Lohan

With a seemingly endless of cloud of drama and criminal behavior surround Lindsay Lohan, the latest headlines have not been very surprising. The starlet was charged with felony grand theft for stealing a $2,500 necklace from a jewelry store in Venice, CA in January. Lohan tried to claim that there was simply a misunderstanding, and that the necklace was a loan, but the law was not buying it.

Lohan was officially charged during a hearing on February 9th. After pleading not guilty, Judge Schwartz laid into the actress for not taking the charges seriously. “If you violate the law again, I will remand you with no bail,” he told her. “Things will be different.” Today, the judge granted the actress an extension to decide whether or not she will accept a plea deal with jail time, or whether she wants the charge to go to trial before a jury.

“If you and your counsel do not accept the plea deal, then you do not have to return to this court,” Judge Schwartz told Lohan during the brief hearing. If she rejects the prosecutors on March 25, then a preliminary hearing will take place on April 22 with Judge Stephanie Sautner at the helm. If everyone else should be held to the standards that the law sets forth, Hollywood actors and actresses should be no exception.

I think that Lohan certainly deserves some hefty jail time. Leave us a comment and tell us what you think–is she a criminal, or was it all a big misunderstanding?

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