Kanye West Redeems Himself At Coachella


Posted on : 19-04-2011 | By : CelebGossip | In : gossip, kanye West

Kanye West was recently asked to perform at one of the nation’s most popular concert festivals–Coachella, held in California. Fans and critics balked as his headlining invitation, due to his pitiful set debacle at 2008’s Bonnaroo festival in Tennessee.

West’s Bonnaroo performance left crowds leaving much to be desired. The singer show up hours later than scheduled, causing fans to chant “Kanye Sucks” out of irritation, throwing glass bottles onto the stage during the night. When West finally did show around 4 am, his light show was ruined by the breaking dawn, and most fans had already retired to their tents.

The entire set was a fiasco, and fans were left wondering if Kanye even cared. West fired back about the incident, blaming Pearl Jam, who preceded him, for running an hour late themselves. With the Coachella concert right around the corner, critics and fans alike have been wondering if West would be able to pull out a performance.

Well, pull it out he did, bringing his A-game to the Indio, California event. West put on one of the day’s best sets, performing his hit song “Runaway,” among others. The LA Times reported on the event, saying “As entertainment, West’s set was captivating, a festival performance unlike any other, and one that often showcased the artist and the artist alone on a minimal stage.”

With fans and critics finally appeased, it seems West is ready to reclaim his stage, along with his pride.

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