Donald Trump’s Supposed Run for Presidency


Posted on : 02-05-2011 | By : CelebGossip | In : Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been indicating a run for presidency for weeks now, and the media has been eating it up. Trump has been a very vocal opposer to President Obama, even calling out his birth certificate as a fake. Trump did his very best to bring this supposed birth certificate scandal to light, causing Obama to finally release his certificate to the public.

While the certificate appears to be legitimate, which shoots down Trump’s theory, he claims that just getting this certificate released is exactly what he wanted. In a recent interview, the business mogul stated “”I’m a Republican so if I did anything, I’d do it, I guess, as a Republican. I’m totally being serious because I can’t stand what’s happening to the country. First time I am being serious about it. That doesn’t say I’m going to do it.”

He has said that he will officially announce whether or not he is going to pursue a 2012 campaign in the coming weeks. As Trump stated, “We have no common sense. And we’re losing the country. Mark my words, if we keep going this way, we’re losing this country. It will no longer be great. It’s not respected to anywhere near what it used to be.”

How would you feel about Donald Trump as the President of this country?

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