Dakota Fanning Graduates!


Posted on : 07-06-2011 | By : CelebGossip | In : gossip

Many celebrities have been watched by the public as they grew from a child into an adult. One more did so on Monday. Dakota Fanning graduated from high school at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. She grinned as she wore her blue cap and gown and walked across the stage. Dakota is now 17, but has been watched on the screen since she was very young.

Some of the most popular movies that she appeared in included I Am Sam and Twilight. However, she has been in many other films as well.

Dakota’s family tried hard to ensure that she had a normal childhood despite her time commitment to various movies. She had the opportunity to be on the varsity cheerleading squad despite her commitment as well. In addition, her schoolmates voted her to be the homecoming queen for the past two years.

On graduating, Dakota commented that she felt like the high school experience was very important for everyone to have. She also commented that she was glad she was able to finish despite her commitments to the screen.

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