Celebrities Using HCG to Lose Weight


Posted on : 10-11-2011 | By : CelebGossip | In : gossip

HCG Drops and Celebrities Losing Weight

With today’s media fueled society it seems like in order for any product to successful it has to have a celebrity promote it.

It would seem that HCG drop users are no different. Jersey Shores star, Jenni Farley, seems to be one of the first and most enthusiastic promoters of HCG drops for losing weight. She admits that HCG drops have helped her lose weight quickly.

On her own sight she says: “HCG drops are my key to keeping the weight off”. She believes in the product so much that she even sells the product on her own site. There is a rumor that she even convinced her co-star Nicole Polizzi to use HCG drops as well.

There are many other stars that have used HCG drops to help them lose weight. It has been reported that Britney Spears went on the HCG diet to get her body back in shape for her music tour after having her babies.

It has also been rumored that other super stars like Oprah, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Seth Rogen have used HCG to help them look better and get in shape.

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